Video Slots Bonus

You can get lots of extra cash today while playing online, especially if you do it right. Almost all online casino sites are offering welcome bonuses, at least for video slots. Casino bonuses for video slots is firstly very entertaining as it increases your playing time dramatically depending on what kind of bonus it is.

It also gives you more freedom in terms of what kind of winnings you can look for with a higher chance of winning. So you can decide to go for slot machines that has higher volatility from the start.

Fun slots strategies

My favorite approach at video slots when playing without a casino bonus is to start off with video slots that aren’t very risky. Starburst, Fruit Shop or Blood Suckers are great examples of video slots that you cannot instantly lose everything on.

The main goal is to gradually gain winnings, instead of instantly trying to win 100x my deposited amount. So if I start at Starburst with £100 and make it to 300-500 pounds, that’s great. Instead of settling and withdrawing this amount, I up the stakes at this stage instead and go over to more volatile slot machines. At this point I try to get to that single lucky spin or free spin feature, if I make it there I can happily go away with 100x my cash.

slot machines bonusThis approach of course requires lots of luck to work, since you are going for 50-100x the money that you were risking but then again, all strategies you would want to use requires luck in a sense. The good point with using a strategy like this, is that you only use the low volatile slots for a short while to gain small winnings, so you don’t really wager enough to let the house edge eat up all your cash, and then after this you go to a volatile slot.

A good strategy is always to place higher risk in lower amount of wagering, this is because the house edge of 2-8% doesn’t theoretically take up as much of your deposited money before might be ending up a winner.

Playing video slots with bonuses

Without bonuses my favorite strategy would never really give me an edge, because it is very clear of course that the house always wins. With bonuses, I can choose to skip the initial low-volatile video slots game play, or just do it a little before going to the riskier video slots.

Note that I never approach an online casino playing video slots with the sole intention of making money. It is simply too risky to do only to actually gain money, what I recommend is playing recreational, have fun while playing, try out new things that changes the way your possible winnings looks like. Playing video slots can be so exciting, and so much fun, playing with casino bonuses makes it much more interesting and exciting. Casino bonuses has been offered for many years now by online casino sites to retain customers, and also to give new customers a welcoming first shoot at playing videoslots.

Casino deposit bonus offers

Most online casinos offer 100% deposit bonuses along with free spins. These bonuses are great, mainly because the ones that has higher percentage ratio towards your deposit tend to have ridiculous wagering requirements. This doesn’t apply to all online casinos thought, Leo Vegas for example has an awesome welcome package which you should definitely try out if you are looking for some serious extra chances of winning big.

Doubling your deposit amount when registering at a new online casino is almost always worth it, just make to double check the terms and conditions first so that the wagering requirements aren’t too high. If you get 2x the amount that you deposited, you logically double your chances of winning big.

What I like to do when doubling my deposit is to double my bet amount as well, instead of doubling the playing time. I like to double my bet instead, so that I instantly feel the reward of taking the bonus. If you don’t double the bet amount when using a deposit bonus, you might end up winning high early, and never really get the chance to use the bonus money, if that’s the case you might as well have doubled you bet and won even more initially. To increase the bet amount always increases the risk of course, but that’s what online casino is all about!

No-deposit bonuses for video-slots

No-deposit bonuses gives you a chance to try an online casino and some of its video slots out before actually making a deposit. If you are really lucky you can afree spinsctually end up winning lots from free spins, however don’t expect too much because usually the free spins value are actually quite small. As a loyal customer at any of the casino sites that I listed, you receive no-deposit and deposit bonuses on a weekly basis, maybe even more than once a week.

This gives you more chances of cashing out big time, it also gives you opportunity to be able to play for a bit when you usually wouldn’t feel like depositing money at all.

I am a frequent video slots player myself, and always tries to stay up to date on the upcoming game releases and campaigns related to them, I will post all information that I can on my news section so make sure to check it out! If you have any questions or want to give me some feedback, please contact me!