This winter will surely be packed with excitement, Microgaming has a Christmas slot cooking already, Playngo is coming with a Joker themed x-mas game and NetEnt gives 2 of their top performing slot machines a Christmas makeover!

So, its official, NetEnt is going to release Christmas versions of Flowers and Fruit shop, 2 of their top performing video slots. Flowers is a very old video slot which have had constant great performance, to keep the technology up to date, NetEnt decided to actually upgrade the mobile versions of both Flowers and Fruit Shop back in July this year, just because the games never gets old and still has a loyal crowd of players today.

NetEnt wanted to be very careful releasing these Christmas versions, they still want to keep the old versions to make sure that the loyal crowd of customers that still enjoy the original version doesn’t get bothered by the X-mas versions. Even though they are just re-styling the games, without actually changing any features or payout structures, they wanted to keep the old games live during Christmas just to be on the safe side. We can definitely expect lots of promotions going around all websites promoting these slot machines, especially since they are proven concepts with a modern style to them!

Before December, NetEnt is going live with another 2 video slots, the first one being brand new: Koi Princess, this slot machine is actually one of the first slot machines that are tailor made for the UK land-based casino business, so if you are looking around the slot shops, you will surely find this slot around! The slot will of course also be available online, all of our listed casino sites will be going live with these video slots so make sure to check them out! We will go more into detail about Koi Princess closer to release date with promotional information as well, so that you can get the most fun out of it!

King of slots is the 2nd release, which is being released in 2 days only! King of Slots isn’t really a new game release, the video slot has been available exclusively only on one website for 1 year now, however this exclusivity deal that NetEnt had with that operator is now expired, which means that the video slot can be released to all online casino sites. You can surely expect campaigns and free spins for this game this week already!