If you’re a regular guest at the live casino tables, Leo Vegas is the place to hang out for you, particular in January. Leo Vegas loves live casino and offers you as a player a great feeling of live casino action. And you can enjoy the great action from any device, tablet, phone and desktop.

Enter the wild world of Live casino, play against the dealer and other players online. You can even enter a real land based casino from your device and play as you where actually at the casino, sitting at the table with a drink. The tables are called immersive roulette, the online casinos starting playing with it last year. It’s gives the player a more authentic casino feeling, and the game is a lot slower then the regular live casino pace.

Raffle and competition bonus

January is always a tough month, coming of the holidays we all basically just waits for the end of the month when we get paid again. Now you have the chance to add a nice amount of cash get paid a bit earlier this month. Leo Vegas as we mentioned earlier loves Live casino and want to kick of the year in style. For each £10 bet you wager in live casino between 1st and 20th January will grant you a lottery ticket for the grand raffle. Winning the raffle with reward you a £10 000 prize win! Of course the more tickets you have the bigger chance you have of being the lucky winner!

The result of wagering £10 in live casino with Leo Vegas will besides giving you a lottery ticket to the grand raffle, also reward you with points for the competition of the £10 000 prize pool. The first competition is between 1st and 10th January, and the 2nd competition is between the 11th and the 21th January. Immersive live roulette give double points the points during the first period. The 2nd period all live casino streaming from a land based casino will reward double points.

The winner of the competitions will reward the winner with £2500. 2nd place will win £2000, 3rd place wins £1500, 4th and 5th place is paid £1000. Sixth, seventh and eight place give £500. Spot 9 and 10 on the leader-board will pay £250.

We wish you the best of luck with your bets and in the raffle!
And a good start on the new year!