Big winner from Leo Vegas in the middle of the holidays!
You can almost call it a Christmas miracle! Earlier this month a Leo Vegas player managed to activate a jackpot on Mega Fortune (mobile) and cashed out a total of 40.711 euros! Not bad at all, but wait until you hear this; the customer who won managed to hit this big win on a 10 euro spin. Many and big congratulations to him! The spin was won through mobile touch, an iPhone 6 to be more specific.

The man who won this tremendous win is a Swedish resident and plans on using the money on a new apartment. Leo Vegas asked him a couple of questions;

“What were your thoughts when you landed such a big jackpot win?”
– My first though was “This can’t be true?!” I had earlier this day saw the Thrills add on Facebook asking “Are you the next big winner?” I never believed something like this could happen to me of all people, but I decided to give it a go. How crazy is that? I was the “Next winner!”

“In what situation where you when the big in came?”
– I was home alone, I have been alone as my girl friend have went away over the weekend and I haven’t told her or anyone about what happened so far. I will let her know when she comes home, but I have decided not to tell anyone else- We are expecting our second children so this is a great thing for me and us.

“What do you plan to do with the money?”
– We have been saving money to buy an apartment of our own. So this is really the best thing that could happen right now. I’m so happy!

Wishing all the best to the happy winner!